Hello world!

Hi there!

This is Doctordrink signing in, so a little intro would be good I suppose…

Why Doctordrink?

Easy, back in the old days, successful bartenders were often given monikers such as “Professor” and “Doctor”, on the basis that not only were they superb at getting you drunk, but that they were very often the Town Chemist/ Surgeon as well. alcohol was used to numb pain and as a cure-all instead of medicine, which was in its infancy.

Why this blog?

Why not? After around twenty years slinging booze at a grateful public, and slightly more drinking the stuff, I want to share my experience with you lot. Come and see…

But why you Doctordrink?

Oh, lets see… I have worked for around twenty years in Pubs, Hotel Bars and Restaurants, ranging from bog-standard to top flight internationally famous places, and may have picked up a tip or two…

What are you going to write about?

There will be recipes, tall tales, reviews and general musings on the wonderful business we call “Bar”.

Watch this space…

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