Doctordrink on… Thirst and Alcohol


The Human body is 60% liquid by weight, and only tolerates small variations from this percentage.

When you get thirsty, your dry mouth is only the secondary effect of thirst – the first effect is a very rapid set of changes to the chemistry of your brain. your hypothalamus(big score on lexulus), sited at the base of the brain, monitors your body’s sodium and potassium content, and when it notices these chemicals becoming concentrated, it hits the “thirsty” button.

A drink of water soon restores your body’s chemical balance. salt, the edible form of sodium, also stimulates thirst, irrespective of actual liquid levels in the body. This is why barkeeps like Doctordrink ply you with olives, pretzels, nuts and other salty delicacies as you slurp down our latest creations.

Alcohol has been part of human civilisation since before ancient Greece. Wine was produced as far back as ancient Summeria (modern day Iraq, roughly), and the egyptians brewed Beer – not just as something to enjoy, but also because drinkable water was often in short supply. Very few cultures on earth have failed to produce some kind of alcoholic beverage, the Mongols even found a way to ferment both Yaks and Mare’s milk ( I know, I don’t want to try that either).

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